About Tom

Growing up, I had the opportunity to learn to hunt and fish practically in my backyard.  Early on I was taught proper care for your equipment and conservation of our land and resources.  I learned by hunting upland birds, small game, and deer, and still have my first fishing pole, a flyrod, used in our local mountain lakes and streams.  

After completing my military service (US Army), the next few decades were spent starting and growing a company and raising my family.  During these years, there was not always as much time for hunting and fishing as I would have preferred, but there were a few memorable hunting adventures. 

I make my home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where I volunteer as a small business start-up mentor and with a few other organizations.  I take every opportunity to pass on my love of hunting and fishing to my small grandchildren and plan my next adventures. 

I’ve had the opportunity to hunt and fish from Idaho to the North Maine Woods to Florida; from the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia to the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island to the Karoo of South Africa.  Along the way, I’ve learned much from avid amateur hunters and experienced professional hunters, as well as some of my own “teaching moments”. 

I want to share these with you and would enjoy hearing from you, your comments or questions. 

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