#1 Tip for Flyfishing Waders

#1 Tip for Flyfishing Waders

My #1 Tip for Flyfishing waders is to know your water’s bottom surface before you go.  Sounds simple, but it is critical.  On a recent overcast September morning, I was casting in Central Virginia’s Upper South River.  That river bottom is very rocky.  A wide variety of rocks beneath swift waters creates very slippery conditions.

I saw more than one angler venture into the flow, take a few steps, wobble, then fall.  Good thing the water was only knee high!

Know Before you Go

If you know your water’s bottom surface conditions before you go, you’ll be prepared for a successful flyfishing expedition.  Soft bottom rubber boots are appropriate for waders when flyfishing in ponds, small lakes and silty bottom streams. The best flyfishing waders for a rocky bottom river are studded wader boots.   They have a rubber base with metal studs to grasp the rocks and provide traction.  Use a wading stick as well to add a third leg for stability.

Keep these tips in mind for successful Flyfishing

Know your water’s bottom surface before you go.

Look into waders with a rubber sole and removeable spikes.

Wear studded wader boots on a rocky bottom surface.

Wear wader boots with a rubber footing on a soft bottom surface.

Use a wading stick when wearing waders on all surfaces.








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